From humble beginnings to primary, multi-model database of the future! Join us on this remarkable journey of Redis, as it evolves into the most versatile, highest performance, must-have database technology for all modern applications.

Learn from the experts. Share your use cases. Master key concepts. Hang with the contributors. But most of all, mingle with the community behind the most popular database! With over 75+ sessions, technical training tracks, developer hangouts and cool parties, RedisConf18 is the conference you can’t miss!

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  • Salvatore Sanfilippo

    Salvatore Sanfilippo

    Creator of Redis
  • Yiftach Shoolman

    Yiftach Shoolman

    CTO, Redis Labs
  • Kevin Hoffman

    Kevin Hoffman

    Lead Engineer, Capital One
  • Ajay Kemparaj

    Ajay Kemparaj

    Sr Computer Scientist, Adobe Systems
  • Vijay Vangapandu

    Vijay Vangapandu

    Software Architect, eHarmony
  • Hari Ramamurthy

    Hari Ramamurthy

    Enterprise Architect, The Home Depot
  • Daniel Hochman

    Daniel Hochman

    Platform Engineer, Lyft
  • Leena Joshi

    Leena Joshi

    VP Product Marketing, Redis Labs
  • Ryan Luecke

    Ryan Luecke

    Senior Software Engineer, Box, Inc.
  • Hardeep Sangha

    Hardeep Sangha

    Sr. Staff Software Engineer, ThermoFisher Scientific
  • Jim Nelson

    Jim Nelson

    Cluster Operations Engineer, Internet Archive
  • Bill Sommers

    Bill Sommers

    Penguin Randomhouse
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Introductory Track

The introductory track is intended for developers who are new or are just starting out with Redis. This track introduces Redis to the developer, including how to connect to a Redis database, how to use basic Redis data structures (string, sets, hashes, etc.), and common Redis use cases. No prior knowledge of Redis is assumed. This track will consist of a mix of classroom lecture presentations and hands-on coding labs. Python and Java will be the primarily language used to present sample code. Hands-on programming exercises will use Python.

The morning session of this track will consist of two lecture-style presentations and a hands-on programming exercise. The initial presentation of the morning consists of an overview of Redis and Redis Enterprise for developers new to Redis. This talk covers how the features of Redis make it easy to implement solutions for common application features like caching, fast data ingestion, job queue management, and geospatial indexing of data. The second session in the morning introduces attendees to the Redis data model and all of the data structures currently supported by Redis. The morning ends with a hands-on programming exercise, where attendees can work through a series of online notebooks demonstrating the API used with the String, List, Hash, Set and Sorted Set data structures.

The afternoon session of this track will build on the morning data structures session to introduce attendees to important concepts like transactions and concurrency control, as well as introducing the Redis Modules system introduced as part of the Redis 4.0 release. The transactions and concurrency control talk will show developers how to reason about concurrent updates in Redis and introduce them to the Redis transactions API. During the section on modules, developers will be introduced to the functionality and API of the ReJSON, RediSearch, Redis-ML, and Redis Graph modules. The afternoon session of the track will also include a hands-on programming exercise, again using online notebooks, to explore the transactions API and ReJSON module API.

Intermediate Track

The intermediate track is intended for developers familiar with Redis who have already built at least one application using Redis. This track will cover advanced Redis data structures (HyperLoglog, Bitfields), the Redis Pub/Sub system, and working with the new RediSearch and ReJSON modules. This track will consist of classroom lecture presentations and hands-on coding labs. Python will be the language used for the coding labs. We recommend this track for developers who have attended either a previous RedisConf training day or a RedisLabs RED Workshop event.

The morning session of this track will start with a quick review of the currently supported Redis data structures ( String, List, Hash, Set and Sorted Set), followed by a deep dive into Bitfield, HyperLogLog, and the GeoSpatial index types. This will be followed by a review of the Redis concurrency module and the transaction API. The morning session will conclude with an in-depth exploration of the Redis PubSub system and a hands-on coding lab where attendees can work through exercises utilizing the APIs introduced earlier in the morning.

The afternoon session of the track will provide an in-depth look at the API and functionality of the ReJSON, RediSearch, and Redis-ML modules. Each modules section will cover the module functionality in depth, present the module’s API and show sample code for implementing application features using the module. The section on the RediSearch module will include information on the RediSearch extension mechanism to build custom query expanders and document scoring functions. The afternoon session will also include a hands-on lab where attendees will have free time to explore the API for any or all of the presented modules.

A light breakfast of pastries and coffee will be provided for all training attendees and lunch is included as part of the training package. Attendees will need to bring their own laptops to participate in the hands-on programming exercises and all of the materials will be made available for download to participants. Detailed information about software requirements will be provided to attendees by email prior to the event.

RedisConf18 will be held at state-of-the-art Pier 27 on the famous Embarcadero waterfront in San Francisco. It boasts panoramic views of the entire San Francisco Bay, the spectacular Bay Bridge, the City skyline and Coit Tower.

Pier 27
The Embarcadero
San Francisco, CA

Pier 27

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